Jax.Net is creating products for miners, blockchain developers and cryptocurrency users based on the Jax.Network blockchain platform.

Our Products
Mining Pool
Earn JAX and JAXNET coins by attaching your hash power to our mining pool.
Blockchain Explorer & API
Ger API access to Jax.Network for your light wallet and other development needs.
Transfer hub
Earn JAX and JAXNET coins by providing your liquidity to our hub.
Jax wallet
JAX.Net Official Light Wallet + Instant Messenger.
Blockchain Mining and Jax.Network’s Mining Solution
Mining is a vital process to the blockchain network that allows it to secure itself, remain centralized and mint new coins. Read this article to find out exactly how the process of mining works and how Jax.Network’s protocol has improved upon it.
Why do we need a decentralized global currency?
Talks of a truly decentralized and global currency have been going on for many years, and especially during the last 5 years. Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other prominent cryptocurrencies have advanced the conversation with their successes, not only as digital currencies but also as reliable stores of value.
2020 Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai — Event Recap
This past week, the Jax.Network team had the privilege of attending the 2020 Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai. The team’s purpose there was not only to set up and man our very own booth, but also to communicate the benefits of our technology and gather information from other projects in the same field.
Results of the Blockchain Hackathon by Distributed Lab and Jax.Network
On Sunday, the final of the Eighth Blockchain Hackathon with a total prize pool of $14,700, was hosted by Distributed Lab and Jax.Network. The top five teams from across the country received awards from the organizers and additional prizes from sponsors.
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